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Good Writing.

This is my third or fourth attempt at blogging. I never learned to write well, but I used to read alot. I’ve read enough good and great writing to know that I am not qualified to produce good writing in the way that most people do it. I violate the rules consistently and intentially.


Good writers produce a lot of words. They use a lot of words that cause me to have to keep Wikipedia open at all times because I can’t tell what they are trying to say without knowing what the word means in the context used. I use the most common words I can find so it will be accessible to even those with as limited a vocabulary as mine.


All I intend to do with this iteration of blogging is to write about experiences I have had and what I learned from those experiences. I will try to explain what relevance they have to todays world. I have no intention of trying to convince anyone of anything. Whenever I write something that might seem argumentative I mean only to present my perspective in the hope that it might help someone see things that may be beneficial to them.


Human discourse where either party is not telling the truth is pointless. I have a perspective that is rarely accepted by people and is questionable because some events in my life don’t make sense. I wish I could say every thing here will be the truth, but I know from life experiences that what’s true today might be tomorrows lie. My best effort will be to just present what I experienced and explain my perspective and hope someone can see the value in it that I do.

About me:

I hate this part. Knowing about an author has no value to me. I guess that’s part of the reason I don’t write so well. When I read, my focus is on the writing alone. I care about what they say and what they mean. Of course, that perspective isn’t very popular and so I have to have something about me or people won’t read anything. I’ve been surprised so many times by the wisdom and intelligence of some people, especially those kind of people that most others will judge irrelevant and won’t even listen to. So if I have to do this I present to you facts about me designed to provide a quick judgement so you can move on to judge someone else. I’m old (turned 67 this month April,2020). I’m a Boomer. I don’t understand why this an issue but I’ve seen it used alot in a negative way so it must be of value to some people. My middle name is Roy, so I write under the name EdgyRoy, which is the only nickname anyone ever gave me. Finally, ( surely this will be enough), I was diagnosed as having Depression with a bipolar disorder and I’ve been on medication for nearly 30 years. Oh, almost forgot, I’m white.

Final thoughts

This post should be at the top of my blog until my WordPress agreement ends in 2021. My hope is that most people will read it and leave. I may never get a positive comment from anyone and I don’t mind that. My previous posts never yielded any comments, so why would this one? What really bothers me is people passing judgement on others based on opinions or hearsay or whatever the popular prejudices of the day might be. If there are postive things to say about me, I will rarely mention them and for good reasons which, if I do, I will explain as best I can. My hope is that I may encounter people who are just plain good people in their heart and mind. The world can’t get enough of those, and in America, at least, the supply seems to be diminishing daily.

If you read all of this post:

Thank You. I mean that sincerely. In case you never come back, know that you have value that you are not aware of today, and you are greater than anyone who says otherwise. Those who try to reduce you are beneath you by virtue of their actions. Please remember, if you encounter someone beneath you, reach down and help them up, if you can.

Live long and prosper.

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