“America First”: A Simplist View

Purpose and Intent This site is focused on the subject of the Simplist Philosophy, or Simplistism. I am also in the process of creating that philosophy in a formal sense. My personal goal is to be able to define myself as a Simplist. A principle of Simplistism is the expression that “It is far betterContinue reading ““America First”: A Simplist View”

Belief and Truth: A Simplist View

In a previous post titled ‘Scales of Belief and Reality’ I made statements I have decided did not appropriately demonstrate the efficacy or desired intent of the terms used and definitions provided. I seek to improve my writing and rational discourse for the purposes of enlightenment and entertainment. Toward that end I will use inContinue reading “Belief and Truth: A Simplist View”

Simplist Philosophy Values

The difficulty of values The best definition of value I could find is that it represents the degree of importance to someone. Because no one seems to have only one thing of value we usually refer to their ‘set of values’ or ‘value system’. The common use of a “value system” is that of beingContinue reading “Simplist Philosophy Values”

Simplist Philosophy

Forward This is my creation. As the creator I have the right to define it, explain it, give it rules and laws, and describe it’s characteristics and explain it’s purpose for existing. As the reader you have the right to like, dislike, comment, challenge, object, contradict or confirm, deny or accept, ignore or utilize inContinue reading “Simplist Philosophy”

Scales of Belief and Reality

Belief is what our consciousness uses to deal with reality. Reality is used here to describe Truth in its’ absolute sense, in that it is that which cannot be contradicted by any means human consciousness has at its’ disposal. Reality is also referred to as ‘existence’ but this term is a product of consciousness whereasContinue reading “Scales of Belief and Reality”