Looking back to see now.


In my previous post I used the Simplist term “Existor” without defining it. If Existence is viewed as a set, Existor is the term for an element of that set.

Methods for seeing and their purpose

Looking back to see now is a fairly common method of human development that is often referred to as reflection. Thinking about what you did in the past in order to explain your own conduct to yourself, should provide you information that lets you see how to act in the future. Depending on the amount of information you gain, a person may feel a certain sense of being, called Enlightenment. Whether or not you change your conduct is a personal choice, but you may experience a change in attitude in spite of the fact you choose not to alter your conduct. A simple example is when you agree with someone on a topic that you formerly opposed.

At this point I should define my usage of certain words, in order to clarify my perspective. “See” is used as a substitute for the word comprehend, or understand, or realize. In my case, the perspective I possess along with my attitude is why I created the Simplist Philosophy. To allow for a better understanding I have decided to call it “Simplistism”. To not be a hypocrite, I am compelled to use as much philosophical knowledge as I know already and apply that knowledge to my own philosophy or my philosophy will be invalid.

Many people would be considered to have a personal philosophy, but few would be arrogant enough to try to formalize such a thing. In Simplistism, a thing must have a reason for existing or a purpose. All philosophies I have encountered have a purpose of engaging conversations about ideas. How to view basic concepts in order to understand the whole of things. The real value of a philosophy is in its ability to be able to create a discipline or science that benefits the world in some way. The most common result is technology that improves life.

So, for now, the only purpose of the Simplist Philosophy is to inform, or teach, as it were, about itself. As the creator of said philosophy I am also the first student. The things I have learned have already shown a certain value that makes me want to know more. I intend for my future posts to help develop this philosophy or demonstrate its value in some way. As a human, I have constraints on what I can see caused by ignorance and consciousness. My reason for posting is intended to allow for those that can see better than I. If there is such a person, I would ask only that they share what they learned.

As the first post presented the structure of Simplistism, my next posts will be directed towards explaining the details regarding its meaning, and I hope, the functional use that is possible. Depending on the degree of my success I hope to present the principles derived that should allow proper use of the model. After that, I should be able to provide real-world examples of the philosophy in action.

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