Simplist Philosophy


This is my creation. As the creator I have the right to define it, explain it, give it rules and laws, and describe it’s characteristics and explain it’s purpose for existing. As the reader you have the right to like, dislike, comment, challenge, object, contradict or confirm, deny or accept, ignore or utilize in any way you choose. I will introduce the basics of it in this post and expound on it’s meaning and utility in several subsequent posts.

I am well aware of my own ignorance and my educational limitations. I also know that I am mediocre in intelligence because my personal performance in various subjects has been average at best, and below average in most instances.

The beginning

The term ‘simplismo” is a literary technique involving the removal of words to increase understanding of poetry. Simplist – a person who uses the Simplist Technique to seek the Simplist State.

Simplist technique – a method to apply the Simplist Principles to the Simplist technique for the purpose of completing said technique. The technique is evolving towards completeness and thus completeness does not indicate success.

Definitions and Structure

Reality: All Truth. By All I mean there is nothing outside Reality. Reality is static, all encompassing and therefore termed “The Master Absolute”. It cannot be added to because there is nothing to add to it ; by definition, there is nothing outside of it to be added. Some implications of this definition are that Reality cannot grow or shrink and is unchangeable in any way. It always has been and always will be whatever it is.

Existence: The only accepted creation of Reality.

The Existence Boundary: The indeterminate form that separates Existence from Reality and effectively prevents access to ‘Truth’. A goal of the Simplist technique is to reduce this boundary as much as possible, to get as close as possible to unifying Reality and Existence.

This is the totality of the ‘Structure’ of all things according to the Simplist Philosophy. A shorthand for the Structure may be written as Reality/Existence where the / represents the boundary or barrier between the two.

The Minor Absolutes

Alternatively referred to as Existence Absolutes. The Minor Absolutes are Multiplicity, Variation and Time. Multiplicity mandates that Existence is added to at all times. This means that new Existors are always created. Variation means that all created Existors will be different from all other Existors created before or after it. Multiplicity and Variation together are the rules that describe the Law of Uniqueness. Time is the engine that drives all creation within Existence. To obtain the Simplist State you must be the only ‘Human’ Existor. To be specific, you must be the First. The fact that this is not possible is irrelevant to the Simplist perspective.

Conclusion and Discussion

This suspends the “Introduction to Simplist Philosophy”.

Just in case a reader is present at this point, you should know you are irrelevant to the Simplist cause. Any value you produce is your own. Your agency is thus intact.


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