A lame attempt at humor

The Only Reason

W a r n i n g !

Did you read the post titled: What’s Not Here?

F i n a l W a r n i n g !

Honestly? You read the post and you’re still here?


I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. Please leave the character of your choice in the comment box to verify that you were here.

Blog Content:

Reminder: On the off chance that someone is really reading this, please leave at least a single character in the comment box to verify that you were here.

The Only Reason

This is a courtesy Post. If you are reading this, and you are not me ( you should know ). Let me first congradulate you for having an exceptionaly abnormal sense of curiosity. Please note: If you did not actually read the post titled: What’s Not Here, or failed to verify your presence, your congradulation is hereby null and void. (We will both know).

This site and any post you might find here exist for only one reason and will cease to exist around some time in Jan 2021 ( precise date is unknown ).

The sight began late one night this year because the owner/author was curious about blogging and also drunk/stoned or high on drugs( pick a choice, I mean, who really knows?) and somehow spent $96 on a blog for an entire year. ( I was robbed! swindled! or something!, anyway, money left my bank account). As a result of the author’s very short attention span ( could also be a mental illness ) nothing was posted for almost two months.

For reason’s still unknown ( like hell! I was out $96! ) the owner made a first attempt at posting and after a short time made some significant (I like this word!) Discoveries; some of which are listed here ( there could be more ):

1 He could not write

2 He could not spell

3 He knew very few words

4 He did not know the meaning of any of the known words

5 He did not know enough words to make a sentence

6 He still does not know what the word sentence means

7 He could not figure out how to use the software ( Does anybody. really?)

( Lets just stop here. They get the picture. )

Phase II (Second Attempt)

After a professional analysis of prior problems (I threw the damn list out) and under direct supervision of experts in their fields ( so I took a damn english class! twice.) the owner became certified to continue ( I passed the test!..after only 3 tries) In order to prove his complete commitment (I like this word too!) the owner spent a significant amount of funds on unique professional tools found only at a highly reputable specialty store.( geez, I spent 9.95 on a dictionary at a Walmart.) Armed and ready the owner rode into the battle equipped as a sainted knight into the fray. (uh, I got out of bed and got dressed? What hell is a fray?) With a warriors heart and a Dragons strength our hero was thus prepared to begin phase II when a mystical event foretold long ago by the Great Prophet suddenly and Magically delayed the engagement.( ah, face it, I got drunk again, or stoned or whatever, I can never tell when I regain consc..um, wake up). With a completely Undaunted Spirit, and the use of ancient magic from an unknown wizard, combined with a never before heard of meditation sequence our hero dashed into the battle at astonishing speed to meet the enemy. ( eh, I took 2 aspirin and slept 11 hours? it’s owner by the way, not hero. )

With an unforgettable display of courage our Valiant hero engaged the beast of Phase II and a mighty battle ensued. ( Last warning: ‘owner’, or I’ll forget to sign your next paycheck. ) The battle was all but lost when the owner reached deep within himself and summoned his true power and slayed the beast with a mighty blow. ( eh, ok. I trashed it ’cause it sucked, but I like your version better. )

Phase III ( A third Attempt )

Having vanquished the beast of Phase II, the owner confidently road into battle with the beast of Phase III knowing he would be victorious again. ( Phase III?, It feels like IV, V or VI. Why are you using Roman Numerals? ) The beast of Phase III was mightier than the beast of Phase II and the long and arduous battle seemed to have no end. ( a lot like this post. ) Having endured as much as it could take, the mighty beast withdrew from the battle, knowing he could never defeat the owner. ( yeah, I was pretty tired of the whole thing too. )

Phase IV ( Final Attempt )

Hi, this the owner, known as EdgyRoy, or, at one time, themumblingman. I’ve come to realize, after only 6 views of this blog since I started it, no one is likely to read any of it. I’ve now renewed the blog to Jan, 2022. I now feel liberated, because I can write whatever I want, precisely because no one is likely to read it. So what does the future hold for this blog? My mind is wide open now. Free from purpose or intent. I will try to write like someone is reading it, but, truth be told, I don’t care. I don’t mean to be rude, I just have accepted that my thoughts and words don’t attract many people. But, if you’ve read this blog to here, then I must say that I appreciate your time and interest and I hope only the best for you in your life. I will try to get better.



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