Go Covid Go!

Cheering for Covid-19

I guess people would want to know why anyone would cheer for a pandemic. In what most people call ‘America’, that may not be the case. But, as a big fan of the scientific method, I feel it’s important to present a logical reasoning for any statement. For those who don’t know what the value of the scientific method is, or have never been introduced to formal logic, it’s best if you leave now, because you won’t like what I say. Really, if you have ever voted for Donald Trump, or intend to, you should leave now too.

Because I believe time is the most valuable thing any living creature has, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. So, for those who are judgmental you should also know that I’m white, straight, male, southern, non-religious, and old. For those who are still here I will try my best to make this interesting, informative and as entertaining as I can. But to be honest, I confess that I’m not a very good writer and not a very good communicator. I say these things because I really appreciate anyone still here and your time is so valuable I don’t you to reach the end and feel like you have wasted it. So let’s begin.

The Burning Baby

You may have heard of the ship that is burning in San Diego and has been burning for days and will continue to burn for a long time. This is not that baby. This is me, attempting to be interesting and informative. You may be wondering ( at least some of you ) why does something made of steel burn so long? You might also wonder why the fire can’t be put out? The answer is ‘Paint’. As you may already know, sea water will rust steel at an alarming rate. Even the salt in the air has a disasterous effect. The paint is the barrier between the steel and the salt. Running through the water wil rub off the paint so the paint is refreshed all the time. The older the vessel, the more paint has been applied. The amount of paint can be hard to imagine. It’s even a special paint meant to resist fire, so it takes a hot fire to get it started. But once ignited, it has tons of fuel for burning and produces very high temperatures. I hope that didn’t bore you. If it did, I apologize. On to the baby.

When a baby sees fire for the first time, it’s probably the most beautiful thing they have seen in their short life. They have a tendency to want to see what it feels like. Most parents have a tendency to prevent that. The entire reason for the move from gas to electric was because everyone learned that having an open flame in the house was a bad idea, no matter the circumstances. Today, as throughout history, almost no one doesn’t know what is bad about fire. What is also true today is that fire is still a beautiful thing to see. If it just wasn’t so damned destructive. So, what does all of this have to do with babies and covid-19? The answer: Learning.

If a baby manages to get their hand in fire, they learn all they could want to know about fire immediately. A baby, in most cases, will never do such a thing again. In some cases, however, they just might. Either way, they know why not to do it. I call this experiential learning. I think they call it ‘learning by doing’. I’m not a teacher and never have been, but I do know that the best way to teach is through experience. Why this is true I should explain. I am 67 years old and I have been learning all my life. I was trained, in the Navy, to operate a Nuclear Power Plant and did so for a number of years. I was educated , at college, on the subject of computers and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. I have had a number of computer related jobs and have made a good living doing so. None of this is truly relevant. The point is that I took the training and only after applying what I had been taught, did I really know the truth about the subjects. Before we get to Covid I want to mention something personal. When I left high school I had not demonstrated a talent for anything. I wasn’t even a good student. In the Navy, I barely made it through training. Even in college I had low grades and only got a degree because our Professor decided I was ‘fully growed’ as he put it. The point is, even before college, I had discovered my only true talent. I am an excellent troubleshooter and problem-solver. The reason I mention this is because my lack of scholastic ability never hurt me. I never had to look for a job. I was never fired. I never took a job for any reason other than it interested me. I never held a job for more than three years. I never bothered to learn how to write a proper resume. My resume was just a list of where I worked, the name of the company and title of the job. More importantly, I left the job when I wanted to. My first job after the Navy paid well enough alright, but I found out the boss was taking advantage (sexually) of the immigrant women who were my poorly paid co-workers.( it was in California ). No one cared back then. Very few even today. The point is the man did not deserve my services no matter how much he paid me, so I quit. My major concern was that my co-workers were either Americans or wanted to be. I did not spend 6 years risking my life for America so I could come back and watch Americans be abused by other Americans. Most of the time though, I left the job just because it was no longer interesting or fun. I’m saying all of this because for years I have heard so many people claim that they can do something and then never do it. America has had many problems that have never been fixed, Every election cycle a candidate claims he will fix it but never does. I have never promoted myself, and I don’t interview well. So why was I always hired? I can only guess that each previous employer had given me a good recommendation. In some cases I got raises I didn’t expect. I never asked for one. If the job didn’t offer enough then I wouldn’t take it. I never negotiated for a salary, except once and that was because the potential employer wanted me to fix his problem and it was in a business I didn’t even know existed, had no idea what it was about and he didn’t even have a title for it. In the end I got the money that satisfied me and I got to name my own title. I fixed his problem in about 3 months and hung around just because most of the people were fun to be with and a couple even became close friends. They were all artists. I had never met any artists before. One guy I first met had told me that if I could fix the problem it would be a miracle. My point is this: if you want to be steadily employed, if you want to be able to get an above average salary in any industry, if you want to be able to live life on your own terms, learn how to fix things and solve problems. A politician can seek office well enough, but how often do they fix what is wrong once they get there?

Why cheer for Covid-19?

This part may be hard to understand, so brace yourself. I learned a long time ago that people just don’t listen. Even today, they still don’t listen. Most people thought I was anti-social because I generally avoided people all my life. I was not talking, but I was always listening. Even my mother, when I was very young, had expressed a concern about my behavior. The reason is, I was always thinking. When I say always I mean always. Simply put, it was my favorite thing to do. I loved it. Today I am retired and I consider thinking to be single most valuable thing that a person can do with their life. I spend my days reading the news, exploring the internet and thinking. But mostly thinking. What I think about most is about people and society, the two things I ignored most in my life. After over five years I can read just the headlines and pretty much know what a story is about and what will be said or written. Sometimes I will read a whole article just to see how close I was to the truth. I could go on for days about what is wrong with the news and how to fix it. One day I may even post it. But not today.

With that aside, the second relevant thing is that I love my country. Now I don’t mean it in the way that others might say it. When I hear ‘America First’, it makes me angry. When people ( especially politicians ) talk about America it is obvious to me that they don’t love America. Love is about sacrifice. I learned that from my mother. Not because she told me, but because she showed me. People talk about ‘the Greatest Generation’ being those of WW2 who had essentially conquered the World while saving America. They also talk about ‘ignorance’ and the value of education. My mother left school at the age of 16. She dropped out to go to work at a munitions factory. The year was 1941. My point is that you either say something or you do something. When you do it, it proves the truth of you. To wrap this up, I have to say that it was part of my generation that began breaking America apart. I was there. I saw the ‘counter-culture’ burning their draft cards and demonstrators march against the Vietnam war. America was growing fast and producing great fruits. By the time I reached high school I wanted to go out and see America and experience those fruits for myself. Even today, graduation from high school is great mostly because you get to make your own decisions. You are finally able to truly be free. The last thing on your mind is about making a decision that could cost you your life. But I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening to my country. All the things the greatest generation had left for people that they were enjoying seemed to have just ‘been there’ for them. No one acted liked they loved America for any reason other than what they could get from it for themselves. I began to wonder if I did either. To know the truth about myself I would have to prove it to myself. I’m stubborn that way about truth, always have been. I did not want to, but I chose to join the Navy just because no one around me seemed to be thinking about who was going to protect America while they were enjoying her fruits. So just when I was about to learn the true meaning of freedom, I turned my young life over to the government, knowing that whatever they might have me do, I had a good chance of getting killed doing it. Six years later I was honorably discharged and started looking for the America I loved. That I always wanted to see. All I saw was an America that was dividing itself into pieces. And that has continued to this day. The bottom line is that I am tired of this crap. I cheer for Covid because it can kill.

How can I justify writing such a thing? People know that some men will beat the hell out of their wives, and then tell them the next day that they are sorry and they love them. Then they’ll do it again. They do it so many times, and so often that sometimes they eventually kill the wife. Most of those women put up with it because they have no place to go or they know if they leave, they will be hunted, found, and get punished even more. This kind of man doesn’t listen, doesn’t learn, doesn’t want to change and never will. Years ago a woman would have no one to turn to. Even the police would take the husbands side and leave her to be abused again. The only way to stop it for some was to kill the man. But then the woman was sent to prison, or worse. Today it is not so bad, but it still happens.

Today my country is led by a man who says ‘ America First ‘ all the time. He shouts it even, like that is proof that he means it. He hugs the American flag and mouths the words ‘I love you’, clearly proving that he doesn’t know or doesn’t care about how you are supposed to treat an American flag. This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time so it is not that new, but it is the worst. The fact that he got elected is proof that so many Americans don’t love America but use their power to vote to get only what they want and have no concern for anything else. Just like a roaring fire, if you don’t put it out it will consume everything it touches. Just like the wife-beater, he will not stop until he is dead.

Those who won’t listen to reason should be ignored. Those who don’t wear masks, or listen to science, or who refuse to learn from history or experience should be left to suffer the consequences. This is my country, I love it almost as much as I did my mother. So if you want to attack it then you are attacking my mother. I don’t care who you are, from the President on down, in or out of office, in any state, party or organization, business or individual. If you won’t sacrifice anything for America then you should die. I’ve never wanted to harm anyone and never have. I don’t believe I have a right to judge people, so I don’t.

I cheer for Covid-19 because I want the people who ignored the warnings to suffer for what they have done. I want the people who won’t listen to pay the price. I want the people who won’t learn to find out the true cost of ignorance. Finally, for those who truly love America, and thus fear for the country more than you fear for yourselves, I am not referring to you. If you don’t know or understand why America is great and always has been, you don’t deserve to be here. If you don’t know or don’t want to learn what America has given you that is so valuable, then don’t vote for anything again until you find out. Just being born here may give you the right to call yourself American, it may give you the right to take all you can get from the country. But you can never claim to be a ‘patriot’ until you give something back. You can never be a ‘friend’ of America until you prove that you will be there when she needs you. She needs you now. If you don’t know why every American is equal regardless of sex, color, or religion or anything else, then you do not know America at all. If you even own, or display, or wave a Confederate flag then you don’t care for America at all and you should be stripped of your citizenship and at most become a legal immigrant. I cheer for covid-19 because it can rid America of all the ‘phony Americans’, like Trump and his followers, that have been destroying America for so long. To any reader still here, I apologize for the ranting. I have a passion for my country that can be hard to contain. I’m sorry I lost control. I’m finished. I hope I didn’t waste your time.

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